Acidic Waste & Ionized Water

Eliminate Acidic Wastes with Ionized Water

Because the buildup of waste residue in the body is the aging process, enabling the body to get rid of the build up of waste residue is that the anti-aging process.

As we live with a poor, internal waste disposal systems for a long period of time, some parts of our body build up a lot more acids than others. Eventually they will  clog up capillary vessels around those acidic areas. This causes some body organs to function in an exceedingly sluggish manner. We feel tired and run down generally for no reason whatsoever, and adult diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, allergies, and so forth start to set in. We simply accept these phenomena as “getting old.”

In some extreme cases, the build up from acidic essential elements are so intense, it starts to destroy healthy cells around them. Healthy cells must maintain a slightly alkaline pH level. Some cells change their formula so that it’s possible to survive in an acidic situation. If they are successful, this can be the start of cancer. Cancer cells are acidic whereas healthy cells are alkaline. Even if the cancerous tumors are utterly removed surgically, as long as those acidic conditions in the area remain, the possibilities are that new tumors could develop around the identical location.

Exactly where the leftover waste products are accumulated could vary according to each particular individual. However, the places of the body where wastes accumulate first could predict the nature of the adult disease that individual could develop in the future. Within one family, the storage places may be similar. This might make a case for the hereditary effects of a lot of adult diseases.

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