Negative Ion Protection in Alkaline Water

In March 1968, thirty-six years ago, Le Monde reported that while the presence of negative ions or ionization facilitates oxygen absorption and aids in the elimination of CO2 within the alveoli of the lungs, positive ions have precisely the opposite effect. Gases, dust, chemical fumes, all enter the body as positive ions, trapping the tiny negative ions in their giant absorbent structures, rendering the air technically ‘dead’.

However, when we have an opportunity to study the work of Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Scientist, we really begin to understand the absolute importance not only of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, but also the importance of their entry into the body in their negatively-charged form. We also begin to see the extent of this effect with common-use substances. For example, a plastic seat could very well accelerate mental fatigue, as would plastic wall coverings and fabrics. Objects overlaid in polyethylene create fields of between 5 and 10,000 volts/meter. In a place enclosed by polyethylene, the speed will actually skyrocket to one hundred,00zero volts/meter. Certain artificial clothes are tough enough to elicit a field that repels all negative ions in your immediate vicinity. Go stand on a mountain; it will not facilitate much if you’re wearing your favorite artificial ski jacket.

Without adequate negative ions that the ionized water provides with each glass, we just might be actually working ourselves toward premature illness and death and we wouldn’t even know it. Nonetheless the technology currently exists to support the immune system and to build not only an expansive life, but a vigorous, productive life.

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